Please learn the definition of “Passive -Aggressive” before using it again in your position of “journalist.” You use it similar to a complete lack of knowledge of “cancer” – and write using the term, which is more than misleading and wrongful propagation, but a real media company would have terminated you the moment it made it past editors who also shared the same fate. Such a lame disappointment of so easily defined medical term in DSM I-IV. Idiot.

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My posts aren’t showing, but this is the reason why…

it’s because I only show up here about once every 3 years, and don’t know what the hell I’m doing!!

So while I don’t see it when I click “My Posts” or whatever it is called – the one to read is the one that is right here:

Time to spend some time in here and open a Dummies book.

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Important Reader Poll!

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Hello world! (again)

Well… it’s coming up soon on six years since I opened this account, and I’m still modifying my first post! But I have made a few others – including one in 2016!

Obviously either blogging isn’t my thing or I do it elsewhere.  Guess which one, and win a cookie! (Honestly, using an older browser was making it difficult. Now I can see  items that were not showing on an ancient version of Safari. Rescue me FireFox!

So… the contest is over.  I think I will begin to post things controversial.  Look for items about Trump when I finally create the HUMOR category. 😀

Please note: Anything you say in reply, perhaps not today – but maybe tomorrow, here in the “Land of the Free” – (the USA), could mean it will eventually come back to haunt you as something illegal or immoral – and since corporations are people now (until we get a new judge to take the place of the Brain Dead Scalia (and the actual brain dead Justice “Long Robe” Thomas) ANY DAY NOW IT COULD BE AN ACT OF TERROR OR SOME SIMILAR NONSENSE – unless it is said on Fox News.

There, public lies, harassment, libel, defamation, discrimination, acts of Constructive Discharge – they will all go ignored for a good 20 years and if nothing else, a $100 million “parachute” when left no choice but to face up to your behavior, and your fellow antagonized target will be paid to let it pass… something you, yourself, are not likely to be able to do in 1 million years.

btw… 1 million years, in case you were unaware, is 994,000 years older than Earth, and 4000 years before Jesus H. Christ rode a T.Rex – both Western and English saddle, due to the shortage of, um… horses? 

When the great T-Rex completed training for an Olympic event, these giant birds (not yet fond of millet and sunflower seeds) when hungry, would eat horses – much like dogs do today. (It is actually possible, using that power of reasoning, that dogs are the true descendants of dinosaurs – and their tiny front arms grew as a result of the invention of the Frisbee) – which is proof that Fundies DO believe in limited evolution!

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