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OOOOhhhhh! Dust!

What a great year for publishing!

“What a terrible thing it is, to lose one’s mind.” (Thankfully, Dan Quayle is not mentioned in this piece!) Continue reading

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Please learn the definition of “Passive -Aggressive” before using it again in your position of “journalist.” You use it similar to a complete lack of knowledge of “cancer” – and write using the term, which is more than misleading and wrongful propagation, but a real media company would have terminated you the moment it made it past editors who also shared the same fate. Such a lame disappointment of so easily defined medical term in DSM I-IV. Idiot.

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My posts aren’t showing, but this is the reason why…

it’s because I only show up here about once every 3 years, and don’t know what the hell I’m doing!! So while I don’t see it when I click “My Posts” or whatever it is called – the one to … Continue reading

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Important Reader Poll!

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Hello world! (again)

Pent-Up Posts rescued by using an up-to-date browser, and an extra thought or two – to post #1. Continue reading

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