> READ THIS – It’s My Response To My Own Response…

This being my first real posting to the site – and it is in response to a response I just made, on another’s blog. That being here…   http://bit.ly/YjIWqR

The essence of the original posting? Agreement with the methods of the Westboro Baptist Kook Squad.

Regardless, Russell Brand (that’s the former Mr. Katy Perry to you and me), who interviewed the Westboro Lunatics — helped make very obvious that SOME people need to learn true history of the United States of America between their scheduled hate-fests.

Many of those “Fathers of 1776” are well known for expressing their disdain for Christianity. And interestingly, these religion based hate-groups typify just exactly WHY.

This is not to imply that Madison & Adams were GODLESS MONSTERS (as Ronald McDonald Reagan would have called them, like he did the Soviets) as some considered themselves “Deists.” But they were clearly NOT “Christians.” They felt that there was something much greater than themselves at work, but that’s as far as many of them would go.

I wish I had prepared quotes from all of them – but below is what I do have. Please teach them to your children if you are in the USA. If you are outside the USA… use them to understand how perverted and off course the nation is, 250 years later. And if you live in an offshoot of the UK, as is the USA, – you may not be far behind with your own national brand of kooks and lunatics. Recall… we were once all part of the same island, or boat (or is it “Ark?”).

Thomas PaineI recommend you start by reading Thomas Paine, at left. Considering what you know about “modern Tea Party” (Right Wing US political party of incomprehensible beliefs about dinosaurs and Jesus, etc.) and other whackos who claim that the Founding Fathers of the USA, established this Nation to be  some sort of Christian Paradise.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

I quote some of those responsible for CREATING the Constitution of the United States – and then go way back to the Founders of Democracy itself, to Ancient Greece (who for obvious reasons, will not be commenting on Christianity, but rather, just Religion). Then forward to Galileo, Edgar Alan Poe, Edison, Helen Keller, Albert Einstein, & even a few contemporaries of us all, in this era.

So many  are weighed down by “sin” and guilt (without seeing what others cry out is “SIN!” is not among those “stone tablets” brought down a mountain by a 400 year old man :::cough::: ).

NONE of the things other people are verbally and otherwise crucified for, exist among that golden list of Ten Commandments. Yet the beliefs of the whacko Right Wing MUST be followed or you are, here and forever after, a life of damnation, and eventually your rooming with another man – with bright red skin,  horns growing out of his head, hooves for feet and a pitchfork (a metaphor for something…), who offers you the use of his sauna – in perpetuity.

And this is the 21st Century. ( Where is my flying car, & my co-pilot, God? )

The Founding Fathers are painted as, only in recent years, particularly since Reagan, as having modeled the “ideal nation” on the principles of one “Jesus H. Christ” – and let us establish here and now, that this is simply not the case. And it never was.

Here is, dear reader, THEIR DESTINY as they saw it to be yours.

And we are at risk of losing it.

web1b   web1f

web1a  web1   


Founding Fathers of Democracy itself….

web2d web2k


The Middle Ages and forward…

If ever there was a persecuted scientist, it is Galileo Galilei.

web2GG     web2a


Accomplishments Especially Noteworthy

Without the critical thinking, experiements, observations, travels around the world – for decades… it’s true — for without Charles Darwin, we would NOT HAVE “Creation Science” nor “Intelligent Design” — two meaningless concepts of nonsense, originating as alternatives to Darwin’s adaption/evolution of “The Species.”


It’s indeed amazing how many of these “Intelligent Design” science book burners make sure to get their flu shots every year… because the flu virus evolves, er, I mean, adapts, er… I mean, CHANGES, because God wants all his viruses to live!  Should they kill Grandma, this is all Part Of God’s PLAN! (but apparently those thumpers who get flu shots don’t want to buy into that plan!) 

web3LB   web2a

web3c  web3b

And below… if only Helen Keller could have heard and seen the people she learned of in the Bible, and those around her who want it no other way…

Helen Keller

web3TE   web3a

web5TA  web3AE


You’ll never think about Charlie Brown or Dennis the Menace the same after reading below, and for that, I’m proud to have posted it right here.


If only I could add a few appropriately “re-crafted” Family Circus” cartoons here, but I’m trying to keep the conversation “thinking” rather than purely one of ridicule.


BELOW — Added in the 1950s… “Under God…” after “one Nation…” – as if it needed improvement! Yet WE, web6needed so badly, to differentiate ourselves from the USSR at the time, that such lunacy would “ADD” to our credibility, because except for striving for equality among citizens (that was the Worker’s Paradise) – the only thing that made us DIFFERENT, was that they were Godless Monsters! Just ask Reagan! And so, “Under God” is inserted.

web4aAnd who better than a scientist in paleontology to call into question the way religion pollutes his field – with museums in Kentucky depicting Jesus riding T-Rex dinosaurs, and propagating the belief that the planet is but 5000 or 6000 years old… (as well as the dinosaurs being on Noah’s Ark – and even lunacy I’ve heard with my own ears, believers saying that American Civil War relics have been found in coal mines in West Virginia that scientists say are millions of years old, and this proves that they are only a few hundred years old. (what is the emoticon for rolling one’s eyes??)

There couldn’t be any OTHER explanation for that finding, were it in fact, for certain. Nope. Can’t think of a single one. Even though they dug coal then, used it for heating, and quite possibly might have hidden in a coal mine during some point in the war… NOPE! I cannot think of any other plausible means for this to have happened.


<—— And of course… it just doesn’t get any better  (or worse?) than this…  That is to say, it doesn’t get any worse than this. The President of The United States of America telling other leaders that “God” speaks directly to him. (why do others get put into a rubber room for these delusions, and this one got protection and the nuclear launch codes??)

I can’t suppress my joy enough that his fraudulently elected reign is over.


2 Responses to > READ THIS – It’s My Response To My Own Response…

  1. I don’t have time right now to read all of this (well, that’s a lie, I do have time… insofar one can “have” time, but there’s other stuff I’d rather do, like edit my own drivel), but I found your blog through your rant-fest of a comment on that FP post.

    Kudos, for speaking some sense in a nonsensical world. And also, any Brand-fan is a friend of mine.

    And the quote about “I do not believe in any revealed…” is why I can’t at all fathom why people would crave immortality. This shit’s enough. When I’m done with this world, I hope to God (giggle, gaggle) that I am – the assumed “me” underlying my organism – done with whatever the fuck it is I’m doing. You also listed most of my favourite scientists/philosophers/poets in your ranty-list. We might have just become estranged blogging friends. Well, at the very least, I’ll “follow” your rants from here on.

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